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08 May 2019 – Welcome cocktail / Get-together at Ásmundarsafn

The sculptor Ásmundur Sveinsson (1893–1982) designed, worked and lived in this beautiful building now serving as a part of Reykjavík Art Museum. The white dome structure is surrounded by Sveinsson’s sculptures in the garden, both his earlier massive figures and his later light abstract compositions. The inside of the building offers a unique experience as the artist’s design, inspired by vernacular Mediterranean architecture, is a stand-alone work of art. Sveinsson’s work is often exhibited in there along with the works of other modern or contemporary artists.

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09 May 2019 – Full conference day followed by Gala Dinner in the evening at Gamla bíó

Gamla bíó (“the old cinema house”) is located near the town centre. This famous house has been renovated and hosts concerts and special events. There is also a roof top bar in conjunction with the Peterson suite bar on the top floor.

Hilton Nordica

10 May 2018 - Full conference day

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